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Wildlife photography is my passion.

There is truly something special when photographing animals in an open setting.

Welcome to Chris LeBoutillier’s wildlife blog, where we showcase the stunning natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. His blog takes you on a journey of discovery through the different ecosystems of this region, from dense forests to sparkling coastlines. Discover the captivating story of the local ecosystem through the lens of breathtaking photography and compelling narratives, revealing the intricate connections between the plants and animals that thrive in this area.

I invite you to join me here as I explore the wonders of the natural world and appreciate the diversity of life around us.

Pacific Northwest Wildlife
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The Pacific Northwest is the perfect place to appreciate my passion, especially here on Guemes Island, Washington. There is such a large diversity of wildlife and beautiful scenery. I strive to bring you a unique perspective of the wild and, by doing so, promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the environment for all to enjoy. I have created many fantastic Greeting Cards of wildlife from the Pacific Northwest, and this Blog contains some of my great experiences.

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