It has been a quiet winter for spotting Eagles and Coyotes on Guemes Island. For months I had been searching and tracking coyote with not much success. I would occasionally see Eagle watching the shoreline for prey. On this day, I was making my usual rounds checking out the area around Guemes Mountain. I had spotted a Coyote on a fast pace along the edge of the lower valley pond on the west side of Guemes Mountain. This area is part of large parcels held by Skagit Land Trust, and is being used for a working cattle farm and closed to public access for now. 

The Coyote quickly was under the cattle fence and was getting very close for a grab.   

The Coyote was coming from the north end of the pond and headed to the south after spotting an Eagle on the edge of the pond. The Eagle was watching the ducks in the pond and waiting for the opportunity to grab one. It was not aware of a fast approaching Coyote.

Now within fifty feet, the Eagle is still not aware of the pending danger.  

As the coyote was close to striking, the eagle takes flight in a panic. Headed fast over the trees and attempting to clear the treetops.

He ends up crashing into a branch, breaking it off and going into a free fall. The coyote was hot in pursuit as he hits the ground. He takes flight and escapes the danger. 

Coyote N Bald Eagle

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