This gull had quite the day catching rock crab on the shores of Guemes Island, WA. I spent hours watching the gull search and catch rock crab. When the event is photographed, you can see what style there is in the catching crab. 

Gull Crabbing
Gull Crabbing

Once a crab has been located the gull keeps an eye on it pushes off for the dive.

With more foot action it drives its self downward.

Then up comes the gull with its meal in tow. This is not always a successful grab, many times they will get pinched. When that happens the gull starts the diving process again.

Very proud of its catch the gull heads into shore hoping not to get grabbed again.

Onshore the rock crab gets a bit fisty and attempts to grab the gull. 

The gull has a special technic for picking up the crab without getting pinched. All you need to do is turn your head upside down.

You know what happens now, dinner time!

This is what can happen sometimes when the gull is careless!

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