I was out and about in my backyard waiting for the Pink Moonrise on April 7, 2020. Keeping in mind that social distancing is critical with the COVID-19 pandemic. I always go out on my own and many locations in my backyard take some hiking to access. I rarely see anyone else in the areas I go to photograph. This is always a good thing when photographing wildlife. This particular day I had been sitting for hours waiting to see what mother nature would bring into view. I could hear a lot of splashing, and when I checked it out, there was a seal that had just crawled up onto the rocks.

She was there for some time resting and would keep an eye out for her Pup. The Pup was just offshore checking out the area. The cow would take short naps. This went on for about an hour.  

The Pup headed in looking for it’s mother onshore and some much-needed rest.

The Pup was having a tough time getting up on the ledge. Many attempts failed and the Pup would fall back into the water. 

The Pup had great determination and kept at it pushing large amounts of water with its hind flippers. The whole time the Pup would try to get up the mom would cheer the Pup on by waving her front flipper.

The Pup made it up and was so happy after all that work to get up there.  

The reality set in for the Pup, social distancing, was still in effect. The look on the Pup’s face pretty much says how we all feel about the current times with COVID-19. 

Please Stay Healthy, Stay Safe! 


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